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This platform is currently only available to Northwest Power Pool Member organizations. Please contact your company's Training Coordinator for access instructions or sign-up for our newsletter to be notified of wider release.

What is nwpp.training?

The Northwest Power Pool Online Training System at nwpp.training is your portal to self-paced, NERC-accredited continuing education courses at all hours of the day, from anywhere you are. Each course has its own interactive videos, instructors, notes, challenge questions, instant-feedback tests, and unlockable bonus content. You can pause and re-start courses at any time. Once you receive an invite from your Training Coordinator, log in to nwpp.training for instant access to our library of content.

  • Personalized training at your own pace
  • Reliable and secure platform
  • NERC-accredited continuing education hours (CEHs)
  • Easy access to your CEH progress and certificates


Take advantage of these great features of the NWPP online training system

Self-paced courses

Halfway through a course and need to run? No problem. Pick up where you left off later with our modular course format that allows you to pause and restart a section anytime.

Accessible from any device

Our online training system seamlessly adjusts to your screen size, providing an optimum experience on your desktop, tablet, or smart-phone.

Cross-Browser support

Whether it's Windows or Mac, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, or anything in-between, we've got you covered on any browser.

Interactive videos

Each course has multiple interactive sections and components. The challenge questions and tests give you instant feedback to help you retain the information as you go.


Our system recognizes your training milestones and rewards you with an assortment of achievement badges and unlockable hidden content.

Always Available

Your courses, progress reports, and certificates are available 24/7 on nwpp.training because we believe learning should be on your time.

Video Highlights

Preview a glimpse of the nwpp.training experience

Coordinator Controls

Training Coordinators have complete control over their teams through an assortment of tools that allow them to manage their trainees’ activity: convenient invite feature, progress reports, and private messaging.

In addition to team management tools, Training Coordinators also have access to the Individual Development Planning tool that allows them to create custom course assignments for their trainees.

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